Treasury Management Services

Effectively managing wokring capital is critical to maintaining the day-to-day needs of your business. GulfShore Bank offers a full suite of treasury management solutions, all designed to streamline your operating efficiency and maximize cash flow.  Let one of our Treasury Management Officers assist you in designing a program that works best for your needs.

Account Analysis

Take advantage of your excess account balances by using them to offset any service fees.

Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit checks or money orders directly from your office, without making a trip to the bank.

Online Wire Transfers

Utilize our online banking system to create and send wires within the United States.

ACH Origination Services

Avoid the expense and delays that occur with paper transactions and process your payroll or vendor payments electronically.

ACH Block and Filter

Prevent fraud on your account by blocking all ACH debit transactions or filtering approved predetermined ACH transactions.

Positive Pay

Reduce your exposure to check fraud.  Simply upload a file of issued checks and we’ll verify the checks as they come in for payment. 

Zero and Target Balance Sweep Accounts

Free up time and improve cash flow by automatically moving funds between accounts.

Merchant Services

Increase and streamline your point of sale transactions.

Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS)

Through the CDARS® service, we can provide easy access to multi-million dollar FDIC protection on CD investments. Learn More.

Insured Cash Sweep (ICS)

Through the ICS service, we can provide easy access to multi-million dollar FDIC protection on savings deposits.  Learn More.   


Account Reconciliation

Save time reconciling at end of month by receiving an exportable file with all of your cleared and outstanding checks.


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